NordicTrack GX 4.6 Pro Exercise Bike Review

NordicTrack is not a brand known for sitting on its laurels, even though it does have some sizeable laurels to sit on! When we spotted that the NordicTrack GX4.6 Pro out interest was piqued and we had to take a closer look. Here’s what we found.

With a footprint of 110.7cm x 63.2cm (43.6” x 24.9”) and weighing in at 47kg the GX4.6 Pro is a substantial bike. Despite this, the assembly process is simple and took no time at all (less than 30 min). It’s a good looking bit of kit too and is made to look all the smarter because of the 7″ full-colour touchscreen console display.

Ergonomically, this is a very good bike. There’s plenty of adjustment available yet whichever settings you select, the riding position remains comfortable and technically sound. This comfort is a testament to the knowledge that NordicTrack possesses when it comes to building exercise bikes. The saddle is nice and wide and well-padded while the pedals are oversized making this model suitable for the widest possible range of users.

The console, as mentioned earlier, has a 7″ touch-screen display at its heart but NordicTrack has been savvy enough to retain the physical buttons for the most important in-workout functions; resistance adjustment +/-, cooling fan control and most importantly the one-touch quick resistance keys. Those one-touch keys mean that you can select your desired resistance level with the single press of a button and while this sounds trivial, it’s really not. It’s a very useful feature that makes using the bike on the fly a joy. It delivers a smooth response to your commands and if you’re into your interval and high-intensity training you’ll appreciate that. It’s a system that works an absolute treat on this bike and it has to be said the top level of resistance is impressively tough and certainly much harder than a lot of bikes out there making this model a good choice if you happen to already be fit. NordicTrack has also left the sound level control for your music on a physical button too, which makes controlling things in the middle of your workout much easier than trying to touch the screen with sweaty fingers.

Aside from these functions, all other operations including programme selection are carried out via the touch-screen interface. Unlike most other exercise bikes, the GX 4.6 Pro requires a WiFi internet connection in order to access the workouts, though you can exercise in manual mode without one. The reason for this requirement is because the workouts here are not a set of preset programmes built-into the console itself. Instead, there are 50 workout videos to choose from which are streamed to the bike as and when required. The videos themselves are engaging with a personal trainer guiding you through each session and helping to motivate you throughout which you can really start to appreciate as you near the end of the workout and might be tempted to slack off a bit! The videos are categorised in the same way as traditional programmes with videos that focus on weight loss, or cardio improvement and so on so it’s a simple task to pick out the kind of workout you want. This couldn’t be much further away from the way almost all other exercise bikes deliver a training session – it’s superior and is particularly great at keeping you involved and interested, something that’s bound to appeal if you find it hard to stick to an exercise programme.

This bike is being sold including a 1-year Family membership for iFit® Coach. This gives you access to a vast library of more than 160000 additional workout videos as well as Google Maps based rides that you can create yourself. It also gives you access to a myriad of other features including races against other members, dietary and sleep advice and a lot more.

There’s also a tablet holder, a Bluetooth® smart wireless receiver (refreshingly a chest strap is included), dual speed cooling fan, stereo speakers, a water bottle holder and a 5-year frame, 2-year parts and labour warranty as well.

Best Price

Currently available for £719.00 from

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Review Summary - In Brief

The NordicTrack GX 4.6 Pro is a very good exercise bike. It's well built, has a comfortable well-padded saddle, provides a great riding position for pretty much everyone and has a silly number of ways to train. It also features effective and engaging video workouts. The resistance system changes quickly and smoothly and the overall build quality is very good indeed. And here's the thing, for what you get, this really isn't an expensive bike. The value for money it represents at the current price is exceptional. If you're looking for a premium exercise bike, this a great choice and one of the best in this price range.

NordicTrack GX 4.6 Pro Specifications

    • Effective Inertia 11kg (24.3lbs) flywheel
    • 24 levels of digital Silent Magnetic Resistance with OneTouch™ Controls
    • 7″ full colour capacitive touch display
    • Console Feedback: Calories, distance, pulse, resistance, RPM, speed, time, Watts
    • Programmes: Manual mode, access to 50+ video workouts and a daily updated map-based workout
    • Heart Rate Measurement: EKG pulse grip sensors + Bluetooth® smart wireless receiver (chest strap included)
    • iFit® Coach Enabled (1-year Family membership included)
    • Ergonomic pedals feature adjustable straps for stability during the ride
    • Oversized seat with supreme comfort through the possibility of moving the seat horizontally and vertically
    • Autobreeze workout fan
    • Conveniences: Integrated tablet holder, bottle holder, transportation wheels, music port (sound system with 2 x 2” speakers)
    • Max. user weight: 147kg (324lbs)
    • Weight: 47kg (103.6lbs)
    • Dimensions in use (L x W x H): 110.7cm (43.6”) x 63.2cm (24.9”) x 150.8cm (59.4”)
    • Warranty: 5 years frame, 2 years parts and labour (if registered within 28 days of purchase)

NordicTrack GX 4.6 Pro Exercise Bike - Console / Display Unit

NordicTrack GX 4.6 Pro Exercise Bike - User Reviews

The Pros

  • Easy to use, feature rich console
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Large, well-padded seat
  • An almost ridiculous amount of training options thanks to the inclusion of a 12 month family membership of iFit Coach
  • High maximum resistance level

The Cons

  • You absolutely MUST have a WiFi internet connection - though given what you get as a result it's hard to be too critical of this requirement
NordicTrack GX 4.6 Pro Exercise Bike Reviewer Ratings


Appearance - 8
Smoothness - 9.5
Comfort - 9
Programmes - 10
Ease Of Use - 8.5
Warranty - 8
Value for Money - 10
Best Price

Currently available for £719.00 from

To get the NordicTrack GX 4.6 Pro Exercise Bike for only £719.00, enter voucher code GX46PRO on the basket page!

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