ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22 Indoor Cycle Review

Being one of the most recognisable cardio fitness machine manufacturers in the world, Proform takes its reputation seriously. And the best way to protect a reputation and enhance it is to keep manufacturing high-quality products that deliver on any promises that are made. That’s easier said than done of course and in the world of hi-tech cardio machines the competition is fierce, to say the least. We took a close up look at the Proform Studio Bike Pro 22 indoor cycle to see how it performs and compares. Here’s what we found….

As always, these machines don’t come assembled so taking the pieces out of the box and getting the bike put together is the first order of business. As is normal for a Proform bike these days, the user manual is well put together with all the assembly steps being clear and easy to follow. With well-written instructions, good diagrams and a sensible assembly process there’s nothing here to worry even the least handy person and it takes around 40 minutes to complete the build.

Once built, it’s easy to see that this is anything but a lightweight bike. The frame is solid and once the leg levellers have been used to get it sitting flat giving it a shake results in, well, nothing really. At 55kg (121lbs) the Studio Bike Pro 22 is hefty enough to not easily be moved around which makes for a nice stable ride (though there are a couple of nice large transport wheels that make it easy to move once it’s been built if you have to). And, while it’s not likely to win any awards for chic design, it does have a sleek if functional look about it. Overall, the Pro 22 feels very well-made and doesn’t move when it’s not supposed to. While this shouldn’t come as a surprise given this is a Proform bike, it’s still reassuring to see that standards remain high and that this model has been put together properly.

In terms of the riding position, getting comfortable is easy enough. With a saddle that’s adjustable for angle, reach and height, and handlebars that also adjust for height, it’s a straightforward matter to get a decent riding position. The range of adjustment is good making this model suitable for a pretty wide range of people. Like all bikes there are limits but the Pro 22 should be a good fit for most people with a height from about 5ft 4″ up to about 6ft 4″ give or take depending on body proportions. Once set, the riding position is ergonomically sound and feels good. The handlebars have several different grip positions giving the rider plenty of different options and the saddle itself is a racing style, very much like a typical road bike, and is well suited to the type of riding you’re likely to be doing on this bike. If you do prefer something a bit more traditional for an exercise bike, then it’s possible to swap the saddle for a larger and wider style thanks to the fact that it uses a standard bike fitting. The pedals too also use a standard fitting so if toe-clip pedals aren’t your thing it’s a simple enough job to swap them out for SPD pedals giving you more options to set things up the way that works best for you.

In terms of training options, the Pro 22 has plenty to keep just about any rider engaged and motivated. In addition to the manual mode, which some riders prefer as it provides total control and delivers simple training feedback, there are more than 50 workout videos available to stream to the console via a WiFi connection. The videos are divided into different categories with different target outcomes and a coach guides you through the session. The videos have good production values and are really quite immersive thanks to a sumptuous 22″ full-colour touchscreen display that really brings the session to life and delivers it in a way that focuses your attention completely. One thing worth noting here is that the videos are not pre-loaded onto the console but rather streamed online so you will need a WiFi internet connection for them to work. The 50 odd videos that are available for free do change from time to time but it’s possible to bookmark the ones you like for future use, which is a nice touch. There are plenty enough videos here to keep most people from getting bored, they all work well, and if you simply follow the session you’ll get the benefits. But, for those that want more options such as racing against other riders then a subscription to iFit is also available (starting from £10 per month). The iFit service is an extension and expansion of the free workout videos that are available. You can find out more about iFit here.

Other features of the Pro 22 include an emergency stop manual brake, Bluetooth® Smart wireless receiver for use with a chest belt to get more accurate heart rate readings, a compatible music port for iPod®/mp3 player, dual 2” speakers, a water bottle holder, two 1.4kg (3lbs) dumbbells, and a cooling fan which does a pretty decent job of keeping you cool.

The Proform Studio Bike Pro 22 is also covered by a 2-year parts and labour warranty. (if registered within 28 days of purchase)

Best Price

Currently available for £1099.00 from

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Review Summary - In Brief

So what do we think of this offering from Proform? Well, in many ways it's a typical Proform machine. It's well built, it's well thought through, it addresses all the major elements in a considered way and it delivers what it says it will. And you can't really ask for more than that so all the boxes are ticked here. But, on top of this, it's a nice bike to use. It's comfortable, it's effective and it's intuitive. And those are things that shouldn't be underestimated as they're the very things that are likely to mean it stays in regular use long after the purchase date. All in all, this is a very solid offering from Proform and one that's impressive, especially given the price thanks to the current special offer. As such, we're more than happy to recommend this model. If you buy one, you're going to get what you expected, and a bike that delivers on its promise is one worth having.

ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22 Specifications

    • 13kg (29lbs) Inertia Enhanced flywheel
    • 24 digital levels of SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance
    • 22″ full colour touchscreen display with SmartSwivel™
    • Feedback: The console offers several display modes (the display mode that you select will determine which workout information is shown). The screen can show: time, speed, distance, pulse, Watts, calories, RPM
    • Programmes: Manual mode, access to 50+ video workouts and a daily updated map-based workout
    • Interactivity: iFit® Coach Enabled (30-day Free iFit membership included)
    • All programmes, as well as iFit® Coach require a Wi-Fi based Internet connection
    • Heart Rate Measurement via Bluetooth® Smart wireless receiver (chest strap optional)
    • Audio: Compatible music port for iPod®/mp3 player, dual 2” speakers
    • Extras: Water bottle holder, two 1.5kg (3.3lbs) dumbbells, levelling feet, transport wheels
    • Non-slip, multi-position handlebar with vertical adjustment
    • Oversized padded seat with vertical and horizontal adjustment
    • Extra wide ergonomic pedals with adjustable straps
    • Dimensions in use (L x W x H): 145cm (57”) x 56cm (22”) x 137cm (54”)
    • Product Weight: 55kg (121lbs)
    • Max. User Weight: 115kg (253.5lbs)
    • Power Supply: Mains
    • Warranty: 2 years frame, parts, and labour (if registered within 28 days of purchase)

ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22 Indoor Cycle - Console / Display Unit

ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22 Indoor Cycle - User Reviews

The Pros

  • Easy to get a great riding position
  • Very well constructed
  • Lots of training options
  • Fun and engaging workouts

The Cons

  • Need an internet connection for anything but the manual workout option
ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22 Indoor Cycle Reviewer Ratings


Appearance - 9
Smoothness - 9.5
Comfort - 9
Programmes - 10
Ease Of Use - 9
Warranty - 8.5
Value for Money - 9
Best Price

Currently available for £1099.00 from

To get the ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22 Indoor Cycle £1099.00, enter voucher code PRO22-200 on the basket page!

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