Cheap Exercise Bikes: Are They Any Good?

York C102
Cheap exercise bikes can be a  complete waste of money or an absolute bargain buy. If the bike you buy doesn’t do what you want it to do then you will waste your hard-earned cash.

With a bit of careful research you can get a really good bike that will meet your requirements at a very good price. However, there are some very shoddy bikes out there which will not last five minutes. Likewise, if you get bored of a very basic cheap bike within two weeks your not going to achieve your goal.

The reasons why you’re buying a bike are most likely to be:-

  • To get fit
  • To lose weight
  • To tone your lower body
  • To recover from an illness or injury

Obviously a cheap exercise bike to one person may be expensive to another. When prefer the term ‘budget’ and use it for bikes under £200. It is possible to get a brand new bike for less than £75 – but we think they’re not worth even that as you’ll probably stop using it very soon. They look cheap, they feel cheap and usually fall apart quite quickly.

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Buying Second Hand Exercise Bikes

We usually don’t recommend you buy second hand unless you know the person you’re buying from and know the history of the bike. A number of retailers sell refurbished models but these tend to be the higher priced bikes which will still cost well over £400 as it’s just not worth their time to refurbish cheap exercise bikes.

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