Reebok One GB40 Exercise Bike Review

One of the most recognisable brands in the world, Reebok doesn’t just do sportswear and trainers. They also make sports equipment, including exercise bikes and over the years they’ve shown us almost everything from the sublime to the err, less-so. We wanted to see what you can currently get from them at the entry-level point so see how their offering measures up against the competition, so we got in the Reebok One GB40 upright exercise bike for examination.

Assembly is simple and fast. There’s nothing at all complicated to get your head around and we had ours built and ready for action within 20 minutes. The bike itself is well-built and from a build quality point of view is certainly on a par with many of the best bikes in this price range. It’s quite good looking too with a sleek black finish and splashes of yellow (tastefully done) to enliven it.

Ergonomically the GB40 is sound with plenty of adjustments to the height, angle and distance of the saddle, and along with adjustable handlebars, there’s enough flexibility here to allow pretty much anyone to get a good riding position. The gel-padded seat is relatively comfortable but if you’ve not sat on a bicycle for some time (very common for many who will be considering this bike) then the additional purchase of an extra-wide and extra-padded saddle from a bike shop might not be the worst idea in the world, and as the fitting is standard it’s easy enough to find one if you need to. The 6kg flywheel, while a little light for our liking, does do a fair job of keeping things fluid but steady all the way through the cycle. Overall the GB40 is comfortable with good ergonomics, and we shouldn’t be surprised that this is so given the manufacturer.

The console on the GB40 is, as you might expect on a manual bike, basic. The screen is bright and easy-to-read and the basic data is easy to see. There are however just 4 workout options (based on time, distance, calories and manual) to choose from. Three of these are based on a metric that the computer can calculate and are target based. eg Set your workout to last for 15 minutes, and the computer will count down 15 minutes. Set your target for calorie burn, and the computer will calculate theoretical calorie burn based on RPM, distance, speed and time elapsed and you stop pedalling when you reach your target. Of course, this is very limited in nature but nevertheless, it does do a job. The reason for this limitation is that the GB40 features a manual resistance system rather than a one that’s computer-controlled.

A manual resistance system is something of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it’s reliable. There’s virtually nothing to go wrong. You have a magnet on the end of a cable and as you pull the cable it pulls the magnet away from the flywheel, reducing the resistance. Slacken the cable and the magnet pulls itself towards the flywheel, increasing the resistance. At its heart, that’s it. This does make for solid reliability, ease of use, and a level of responsiveness that’s not easily found elsewhere. What’s not to like about that? Well, it means that the onboard workouts have zero control over the resistance levels so the idea of heart rate control programmes, or indeed any computer-controlled programmes is a pipedream, severely restricting the functions on this model. The other downside is that there are only 8 levels of resistance to choose from (compared with 18, 24 & 32 which are common levels found on computer-controlled models) so it’s harder to gently increase the difficulty and you have to make larger steps up or down for each adjustment. Still, on the GB40 it does what it does, and it does it to a sensible standard.

Heart rate measurement is in the form of handgrip sensors which is disappointing as handgrip sensors are notoriously inaccurate. If it’s a general guide you’re looking for, then they’re fine but if you actually want to monitor your heart rate then this system does fall short and you’d be better off purchasing a heart rate monitor watch for this purpose.

The GB40 features a water bottle holder (something that’s often missing on upright bikes) and that it also comes with good warranty cover in the form of Reebok’s 2-year parts and labour warranty.

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Review Summary - In Brief

The Reebok One GB40 is OK. The build quality is OK and the workout you get is OK (though you might want to upgrade that saddle). However, there are a few places where it falls short, especially given the price. There's no electronic resistance which severely limits your training options and there's no heart rate receiver either. When you can get so much more for the same money it's better to look elsewhere. Take our bike of the month in this category, the DKN AM-E for example. The AM-E has a heavier 8kg flywheel which makes it smoother, it's got 32 levels of digital resistance which means it also has 16 onboard workouts, its got user profiles, and it's got a wireless heart rate receiver and benefits from heart rate control workouts. All this for less than the GB40 making it a 'no brainer' when choosing between the two.

Reebok One GB40 Specifications

    • 6kg (13.2lbs) flywheel
    • 8 levels of manual resistance
    • Large 131 x 67mm (5×2.6in) LCD display
    • Feedback: Speed, distance, time, RPM, calories, pulse, clock
    • 4 workout programmes: including time, distance, calories, manual
    • Heart rate measurement via pulse grip sensors
    • Conveniences: Comfortable and adjustable seat, balanced with adjustable straps pedals, bottle holder, transport wheels
    • Dimensions (L x W x H): 99cm /39‘’ x 28cm/11‘’ x 63.5cm/25‘’
    • Product weight: 34kg (75lbs)
    • Max user weight: 110kg (242lbs)
    • Warranty: 2 years parts, labour and frame

Reebok One GB40 Exercise Bike - Console / Display Unit

Reebok One GB40 Exercise Bike - User Reviews

The Pros

  • Simple to use
  • Reliable, responsive resistance system

The Cons

  • No heart rate receiver
  • Very limited workout options
  • Saddle not the most comfortable
  • Maual resistance
Reebok One GB40 Exercise Bike Reviewer Ratings


Appearance - 7.5
Smoothness - 7.5
Comfort - 7
Programmes - 3
Ease Of Use - 8
Warranty - 8.5
Value for Money - 8
Best Price

Currently available for £249.99 from

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