Marcy Fitness Exercise Bike Reviews

Marcy Fitness provide a choice of bikes across the low to mid price range.

Marcy were one on the first manufacturers in the home fitness equipment market as far back as 1946, in fact you could say they invented the demand.

The produce a wide range of fitness equipment including weights, multi-gyms and of course exercise bikes. They do have a good reputation for producing reliable, quality machines with innovative features and after all this time many still consider them a market-leader.

The Marcy range of bikes start at around £100 and go up to about £280

All Marcy Fitness bikes come with a 2 year parts and labour warranty which is pretty good considering the price you’re paying.

We’ve listed below the bikes we’ve tried so far with the best online price we can find.

Marcy Fitness Exercise Bikes Currently Available In The UK

Marcy Azure

The Marcy Azure has not yet been reviewed, but is available at the cheapest price from Argos for £219.00

Marcy Fitness Exercise Bikes No Longer Available In The UK

For those of you looking for a solid, no frills exercise bike from a trusted brand, we recommend the CL503 from Marcy. Its compact size means…

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Exercise Bikes We Like

Under £300

£301 - £500

Over £500

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