Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Many consider a recumbent exercise bike to be easiest way to get fit. The saddles are bigger and more comfortable than the standard upright bikes and you can even lean back and read a book when cycling.

If the thought of exercising causes you to break out in a sweat then a recumbent bike is probably the best piece of equipment for you.

Or if you’re recovering from illness, injury or you suffer from back pain or are currently overweight, the horizontal cycling position will put the less stress on your body whilst exercising.

Starting with a low resistance level provides the gentlest way to get started on a fitness regime if your unfit or worried about injury.

However, the recumbent is a suitable option for people of all levels of fitness. Using a high resistance level will challenge even the fitest athlete and many prefer the reclined cycling position to the upright.

Cycling in a horizontal position uses slightly different muscles to the upright and many consider the recumbent bike better for toning legs and bums!

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